Different types of Wines Bottle Packaging Design and Label Design Template



Vermouth is a unique aromatized fortified wine packaged in coloured glass bottle sealed with natural cork. This wine is made with a white wine base fortified with minimum 16% percent alcohol and instilled with a patented recipe containing around 40 various plants, seeds, fruit peels and barks. It is essential to protect this special blend of so many ingredients from oxygen. Since, there are so many ingredients they are affected in different ways from light. This usually requires packing vermouth in dark-coloured glass bottles. This is the reason the wine bottle is preferably stored in horizontal position. The packaging tells whether the wine style is dry or sweet as there is a difference in these two types in terms of their ingredients.

Wine Packaging Design


Ceramic Decanters are the classic way to serve the favorite wine. These decanters can usually hold around a litre of wine and can be chilled to serve white wine. They are usually hand-painted or printed with elegant graphics to create the perfect traditional feel. The material is ideal for hand-wash and not recommended for dishwasher or microwave.



Imported Sherries and Ports are fortified wines used extensively for consumption after dinners. While Sherries are made from white grapes grown in Spain, port is made using grapes from Portugal. Port wine is heavier, sweeter and richer compared to other wines and it is packed in dark coloured glass bottles. The wine is stored in a cool atmosphere and it has to be consumed within a few days after opening the bottle. Sherry on the other hand has a dry texture because it is fortified after the fermentation is complete. It is packed in light coloured glass bottles.

The bottle lable mentions the brand name of the ports and Sherries along with the alcohol content. While a port wine’s lable would display between 19% to 20% alcohol content, a sherry wine’s lable would be printed with 11% to 12% alcohol content. The bottles in both cases are sealed in order to keep the wine protected from effect of oxygen. Sherry especially needs to be consumed straight away after opening the bottle.



Champagne is a type of sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region in France. It is produced using selective types of grapes such as Pinot Meunier, Pinot noir and Chardonnay. Imported champagne is usually white wine and it is packed inside coloured glass bottles. The lable would typically carry the name of the agent printed on it and the text that the wine has been produced in France. This wine is typically recognized by its bubbles that are produced through secondary fermentation taking place in the glass bottle. A small amount of yeast and sugar are added that produce gasses that get trapped inside the bottle, creating the sparkling effect.

Champagne Packaging Design



American sparkling wines are produced in the United States in the Napa Valley, the Anderson Valley, Finger Lakes in New York and other vineyards in the US. These wines are typically stored in dark-coloured glass bottles and sealed with natural cork. The neck of the bottle is mostly covered in golden laminate to protect the gasses from being exposed to light.

The American Sparkling Wine is the only other wine that is called “Champagne” in addition to the original Champagne produced in France. But, according to US regulations, the term can be used on the lable only if is printed next to the name of the place of origin. The packing for these sparkling wines is one of the most elegant in the industry.

Wine Packaging DesignTemplate

Following is the types of the wines around the world :-

Argentina Wine
Italian Wine
Australia Wine
Spanish Wine
Chile Wine
German Wine
Portugal Wine
South Africa Wine
Canada Wine
New Zealand Wine
English Wine
Hungary Wine
Israel Wine
Japan Wine
Romania Wine
Washington State Wine
Cooking Wine
Wine Coolers
Sparkling Wine Imported
Bulgaria Wine
Moldova Wine
New York Wine
Kosher Wine
Desert Wine
Oregon Wine
Swiss Wine
Austrian Wine
California Wine Lodi
California Wine Russian River
French Wine Languedoc
Italian Wine Barbaresco
California Wine Napa Valley
Italian Wine Asti
French Wine Alsace
Italian Wine Marches
Italian Wine Toscana
French Wine Loire
French Wine Roussillon
California Wine Knights Valley
Dry Vermouth
California Wine Santa Barbara
Domestic Port
Russian Wine
Lebanese Wine
Ukraine Wine
Uruaguay Wine
New Mexico Wine
Australia Wine
California Wine
Italian Wine Barolo
French Wine
Australia Wine Padthaway
Italian Wine Brunello
Poland Wine
Italian Wine Bolgheri
Italian Wine Barbera Dasti
Italian Wine Amarone
French Wine Vin De Pays
Spanish Wine Rioja