Wine, beer and spirits are alcoholic beverages that contribute a big profit share in the global market. China leads the beer sector, Europe in the wine sector and Asia Pacific in the spirits sector. Other contributing countries are Russia, Thailand, India, Brazil, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, France, California, Australia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and US.  Companies in the 3 sectors are Anuheuser-Busch InBev, Grupo Modelo, Heineken, SABMiller, Carlsberg, Jinro, San Miguel, Cia Muller, Engarrafamento Pitu Ltda, Ginebra San Miguel, Smimoff, Kyoungwoul, Tanduay, Russkaya, Africa Distill, UCCOAR, Henkell & Soehnlein, Fosters Group, Bacardi-Martini, Castel Freres and many more.

These beverages undergo processing such as extraction, fermentation, brewing and distillation.  Traditional packaging for these beverages is in glass bottles. Wines are contained in glass bottles whether clear, dark or colored with seals like cork, crowns or caps screw. Beers and spirits are also utilizing bottles as packaging medium, however, modern innovations are using aluminum tin cans to contain them for easier handling and market distribution purposes. Labels found in the bottles and cans contain the manufacturer name, address and brand labels. Dates of manufacture are also indicated.