Dairy products are high energy yielding foods derived from milk of mammals such as cow, goats, camels, yaks, sheep and other mammals. Milk generally undergoes homogenization and pasteurization. Major companies in the dairy products global market include Nestle, Danone, Lactalis, Friesland Campina, Fonterra, Arla Foods, Kraft, and Unilever. China, Russia, USA, France, Asia, Brazil and more are one of the top countries in the dairy product global market.

Dairy products can be classified into different kinds of goods. Of which, the major product is milk. Other milk derivative products include butter, cheese, yogurt, casein, clabber and gelato. Dairy products have different kinds of packaging design depending on the product. Paper and paper based products such as kraft paper, vegetable parchment paper, wax coated paper, grease proof paper, plastic coated paper, fiber boards, box boards are used to form boxes, wrappers, bags, cartons and others to contain milk and milk products.

Other forms of materials used to contain dairy products include glasses in the form of jars, jugs, bottles and tumblers. Tin plated metals are still used to contain milk in liquid form while foil or thin films of plastics are used to pack other dairy products such as cheese and butter. Plastics are mostly adapted nowadays in packing dairy products due to their rigidity and low cost. They are moulded into cups, bottles, cartons and boxes. Flexible plastic films are used as wrappers, pouches, bags or sachets.