Muffins are the round bread pieces like cupcakes. They are filled with chocolate, lemons, toffees etc. They are normally eaten with breakfast and tea. UK, USA are the highest consumers of muffins. Major players in the category are Quorndon, American Muffin Co., Uncle Wally’s, Flapjacks etc

Prevention of microbial attack, Moisture and Oxygen barrier, Fat seepage are the major factors to be considered while packaging bread rolls. The most common packaging for muffins is PE/PVC/paper/foil cups which are then packed in LDPE/LLDPE bags. Muffins are also packed in thermoformed trays with individual product cavity. The main printing processes used are flexo or gravure.

Muffins packaging is generally transparent so that the consumer can see through the product quality and freshness. Also the softness of the product is judged through the pack. Coloured thermoformed trays can be used for premium packaging. Also the muffins are eaten as a happy food, thus the packaging can depict gifts, happy moods.