Milk is produced by mammals as a white liquid. Milk is high in protein, calcium, saturated fats and Vitamin C. High fat top layer of milk is known as Cream. Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, UK are the largest milk producer countries. Major players in the category are Nestle, Amul, Krafts Foods, Milklink, Shatto.

Oxidation, Moisture Loss, Microbial changes are the major factors to be considered while packaging milk & cream. Plastic coated paper cartons, multi- layer bags, Plastic Bottles are the main packaging material for milk. Aseptic pack consists of 7-9 layers of paper and poly. LDPE/LLDPE co-extruded bags are widely used in developing countries. HDPE bottles are mainly used in the developed countries. Cream is packed in the aseptic cartons or lamitubes.

Generally white is the colour associated with milk and cream. Thus the bottles and cartons are white in colour. Safety, quality and consumer convenience should be provided by the packaging. Nutritional benefits are listed on the labels. Communication can be made stronger by funny and healthy cow depicting the fresh ingredients.