Fruits, Dried and Its Packaging Designs

Fruits that undergo drying are called dried fruits. California is the largest producer of the world’s dried fruit crop. Other countries in the market include South Africa, Turkey, USA, Australia, Iran and other countries from Middle East. Companies in the business include Solarfruit, Lenteks Food and Agricultural Products Trade Ltd Co., Pacific Coast Products, Simpson floral Gardens, and Graceland Food inc
Majority of the water content are removed from the fresh fruits. Drying is the major procedure done through natural means utilizing the heat from the sun or through the use of dryers, dehydrators or drying chamber using vacuum. Dried fruits are used in baking, confectionery and other sweets industry. There are many ways on how to packaged fruits that has been dried.
Mostly, dried fruits are contained in cellophane paper. Polyethylene sheets are also utilized as it is impermeable to moisture from air. They are made as bags and pouches then sealed. Other processed dried fruits are contained in paper based boxes, plastic cups and jars and metal cans. Labels must indicate the expiration date of the product for consumer information.