Fresh Baked Bread is consumed as a staple food and is made of flour mixed with water and cooked. The main constituents are fat, salt, yeast, baking soda. Turkey, Germany, France, Brazil, USA are the highest consumers of fresh baked bread. Major players in the category are Grupo Bimbo, The Fresh Loaf, Wenner Bread, Hostess, Harvest, The Denver.

Prevention of microbial attack, Moisture barrier are the major factors to be considered while packaging bread. The most common packaging for bread is LDPE bags. The top end is generally sealed by a glued tape/band or plastic thread or heat sealed flaps. The main printing processes used are flexo or gravure.

Bread packaging is generally transparent so that the consumer can see through the product quality. Also the softness of the product is judged through the pack. Thus the packaging material should be soft to touch and all the ingredients should be mentioned with nutritional benefits. 


Bread Packaging Vector Template

Bread Packaging Vector Design Template

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