How to keep being creative?


Creativity is one of those features, that has to have every designer, not depending on the sphere of his creation. To keep being creative it’s necessary to know a few rules:


  • Don’t forget to make many lists.
  • Going somewhere don’t forget to take a notebook.
  • Leave your computer alone from time to time and look for inspiration in everything around you.
  • Be open to the others and communicate with other creative people.
  • Visit some new places.
  • Listen to music, it helps to refresh your mind.
  • Have fun, walk a lot.
  • Rest a lot, if you brainstorm a lot, you need to relax.
  • Try to note all the ideas you have and then underline the best ones.


These rules are simple, but it’s easy to keep them in mind. Creativity has to be in blood and if you have such feature, improve it and keep being such person.


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