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It’s really difficult to find a person, who doesn’t like candies or something sweet at all. Pies, chocolates, and cupcakes are the best friend of every child and bigger part of adults. But not only the taste is important, also it’s quite important to create such branding for your sweets, that it would attract people and make them taste and love your candies.


Try to find a person, who has never tasted Chupa Chups and you would see that it’s impossible nowadays. But also it’s impossible to find someone, who hasn’t seen the logo of this company. Yellow and red colors of Chupa Chups trademark are one of the most recognizable in the world and it’s obvious for some reasons.







The history of brand


In far 1958 the first Chupa Chups has presented to the world thanks to the creation of Enric Bernat, whose idea was to make children and their parents happy. Enric was thinking that the world needs such candy, that would be like you eat a sweet with the fork.


Not everyone knows, that Chupa Chups could be called “GOL” because exactly such name was in the mind of creators in the beginning. That’s all because a candy looked like a ball and open mind was like a football net, so the result could be a goal. It’s was a quite strange idea, so thanks to the advertising agency, that was hired, the name was changed into Chupa Chups and is still such. It came from a Spanish word “chupar”, that means “to suck”.


The brand name was chosen, so the only thing that has to be done was to create an eye-catching logotype. And who could think that it would be done by one of the most famous artists of all the years, by Salvador Dali?


By the way, the owner of Chupa Chups is a multinational Italian company Perfetti Van Melle, that also is an owner of Mentos, Fruitella, and Smint.


Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali is a surrealistic artist from a town Figueras in Spain, who was born on 11th of May 1909. Dali was a talented guy since his childhood so that he went for studying to Madrid and then to Paris, where he was with Picasso and Magritte. In his paintings, Picasso was influenced by Pablo Picasso, that’s why his main style was surrealism. But also he was writing in Cubism, Futurism and Impressionism, inspired by artists of Renaissance period.


In 1930s Dali’s popularity was growing up thanks to his surrealist paintings and in times of the Second World War he moved to the United States with his wife and after returning to his beloved Catalonia Salvador made lots of creations and a logo of Chupa Chups is among them.


The logo history


In 1969 Salvador Dali has started his work with Chupa Chups company. He has to make something special and unique, that would be easily recognizable by everyone.


He created a logo, that we can still see on the candies and did it professionally. Bright yellow and red colors gave Dali the result he wanted, the logotype was simple, but not like the other ones.


The artist was an author of the idea to put a logo on the top of a lolly and make it unusual. There it can be seen by everyone, who takes a candy in hands.


Of course, there were and other variants of a trademark, but they weren’t so successful as the creation of Dali. They were boring and didn’t have any idea, so the customers didn’t like it.



Now the president of Chupa Chups, Xavier Bernat, one of the five children of the founder of the company, is sure that his candy is one of the most popular all over the world and it’s really true. Lots of tastes, perfect design and the general idea in tandem gave Bernats the result they were dreaming about.


In sphere of design it’s important to keep your logo on the top and sometimes it needs to be remade, sometimes it’s possible to do it by yourselves, sometimes it’s better to  hire a design company to keep your brand on track, but if the perfect formula was found, any re-branding mustn’t be done. Maybe in a few years, we will see another picture of a Chupa Chups, but will it be a good idea?



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